Are Born Being Intellectuals? Essay

Are Born Being Intellectuals? Essay

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People judge others by where they stand, by what they have done, whether being something good or not. We get judged without people knowing our real story, perhaps our identity and where we come from. Some are born being intellectuals whiles others have to strive to be academically smart. It doesn’t matter whom you are, but you have to manage to stand out from the crowd.
I come from a family that didn’t have the opportunity to continue their education. Both my mom and dad come from a small town in Mexico in which where they were required to pay each year to continue school. Their families barely had money, there were times they struggled to buy a loaf of bread. This was due to the low paying jobs and the cost of the expenses being a bit out of their range. From what I’ve been told most parts in Mexico remain the same. Another reason why my mom wasn’t able to study was because of the ideologies her town had; Girls shouldn’t go to school, their place was to stay home and become housewives. At the end my mom stopped going to school and helped around the house. My dad on the other hand had to work in the fields. Ever since age 13 both of my parents have had to work. My parents would have enjoyed being teachers, my mom would 've like to be karate teacher and my dad a history teacher.
I am grateful to have had an education my whole life and I thank my parents for doing everything they can to give me the best. I have seen my parents struggle at work, whether because of the hours or because they don’t like it. My dad has always told me how proud he is of my older sister and I, of our enthusiasm to keep learning and gaining knowledge. There is not a day that my dad doesn’t say ¨If only I have taken more advantage of school..¨
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...0%, involved in clubs, and volunteer.
So where do I stand? What’s my identity? I’m a fighter that would do anything to keep learning and help my family out. My parents have done so much for me, I know for a fact that going off to college getting a career will be the best way to pay back my parents all the sacrifice they have done. My dad always tells me ¨I’m so proud of you, I am glad that you have taken advantage of the education you’ve been open to, and I’ll know that you’ll get far, much farther than what I have.¨ I will make my parents proud, though they weren’t able to go to school for a long time, and they had and still have to work long hours, though I didn’t get recognition of my intelligence until my high school years, I have the determination of going to college so I can become someone that not only my parents will be proud of, but I’ll be proud of myself.

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