Are Asians More Proficient in Math and Science Essay

Are Asians More Proficient in Math and Science Essay

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Minorities will increasingly surpass Whites in the labor force, which not only means they will significantly impact the trend of the economy, but will, also, become critical for recruiting in high demand industries. Minorities had better opportunities to prosper than they had in the past, which allowed US to reach an eminent moment of electing their first African-American President and appointing their first Hispanic Supreme Court justice. Many minorities are increasingly educated and participating in business, science, and technical innovation as well as, enjoying their middle to high income status. Despite many accomplishments, minorities are still facing several barriers in breaking several vicious cycles that continue to plague their communities. “Blacks will also increase their share of the labor force, growing from 11.4 percent to 12.3 percent” (DOL 2003). Since end of slavery, many Blacks experienced discrimination and brutality that deterred them access to higher paying jobs and higher quality education. When civil rights leaders and groups were fighting for equal justice, some were able to demonstrate their brainpower through innovation, policymaking, and art, which greatly influenced American culture. Even today, Blacks are becoming more educated than previous generation, however are still lagging behind in education, earning power among other groups, and dealing with social problems despite possibly obtaining any capabilities of working in growing industries. “By 2016, Hispanics will continue to constitute an increasing proportion of the labor force, growing from 13.7 percent to 16.4 percent” (DOL 2003). Hispanics have been one of the fastest growing populations in United States; yet, many are dealing with immigration ...

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...udents are poor, however, 40 percent of black and Latino students attend such high poverty schools” (Kondracke 2009). White students are more likely to gain exposure to some type of 21st century training, while minorities may graduate from high school totally unprepared for highly technical industries. Since Blacks and Hispanics are more likely to live in impoverished communities, they are less likely to obtain access to computers that will allow them to become familiar with high tech and software programs. “Even when low-income and minority students are adequately prepared for college, they are less likely to attend” (CED 2005). These charts are showing that Blacks and Hispanics are less likely to be enrolled or are proficient in knowledge-based courses than Whites and Asians. Yet, Asians appear to be more proficient in math and science compared to White Americans.

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