Are Americans Able Go Without Modern Technology? Essay

Are Americans Able Go Without Modern Technology? Essay

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Are Americans able to go without Modern Technology?
Over the last twenty-five years Americans have poured money into consumer products that most Americans do not actually need; however, needed or not our culture spends more money on electronics in the last quarter century than ever before. Most Americans if asked, “What would you do without a TV (television), cellular phone, or a computer?” Well, most would be appalled with the idea and say something to the affect that there is no way they could live without them. TV, cellular phones, and computers are by far the top three consumer products on the Market. It is evident that this is so when driving by a Best Buy, Wal-Mart or even an Apple Store where the lines are wrapped around the building to buy the next best thing.

Over the last twenty-five years TV has become a must have in American household’s, especially with its new technology. The wide flat screen with High Definition and some with 3D capabilities that are thin and can be placed on any wall in a home; it is more than entertainment and can be a focal point in the living are...

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