Architecture Of The Human Regulatory Network Derived From Encode Data Essay

Architecture Of The Human Regulatory Network Derived From Encode Data Essay

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Architecture of the human regulatory network derived from ENCODE data


The human genome encode is considered as blueprint of life but they function along with their base of 3 billions of unknown bases. The Encyclopaedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) project has played a key role to map the key of transcription and their associated factors association. They also structure chromatin and modify the histones.Around 80% of genome is assigned with the help of this encode data. ENCODE has launched insights in the regulation of genes and the genomes. This is expanding in the field of biomedical research. To determine the different states of genes, the transcription factors are binded together. A comprehensive human transcriptional regulatory network is formed with the help of binding of this network. With the help of this research it is easy to determine the functional structure of the human beings. The elements of human beings is also examined under this research like transcription factor association, context focussed, pair wise interaction and allelic behaviour in the network.


The primary objective to review this research is to gain the exposure of human regulatory network from ENCODE data. From past few decades this has been found that human genome segments are built from the non coded sequence of proteins. These sequences indicates the biological functions of DNA.The DNA coding genomes also carries the sequence of the genome that transcript into types of RNA.These sequence helps us to understand the base sequences of human genome under ENCODE project. The features that are acting upon the regulatory variations in the human beings are elusive because of the difficulty in explaining the functional DNA.The Genomic...

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