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Architecture History Pyramid Paper
Pyramids have been around for centuries, and for over 43 centuries some pyramids have been one of the tallest land structures made by man. Throughout the many decades, pyramids have been remade using modern materials and new technologies, but it remains a myth as to how the Egyptians were able to mold such a huge land mass with their lack of technology. One of the most famous pyramids to this day are the Pyramids of Giza. The most famous of all three pyramids of Giza, is the Great pyramid of Khufu as known as Cheops. Khufu was built by the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu of the Fourth Dynasty around 2560 BC to be his burial tomb. Khufu's son Khafre, who was next in the royal line, commissioned the building of his own pyramid complex which includes the sphinxes. Menkarure, who is believed to be Khafre's son, built the third and smallest of the three pyramids at Giza. Giza however, is more than just three pyramids and the Sphinx. Each pyramid has mortuary temple and a valley temple linked by long causeways that were roofed and walled. The great pyramid is believed to have been built over a 20 year period. They first prepared the site, and somehow transported the blocks of stone into there correct placements. In the process of building the pyramids an outer casing was placed over the surface, which was used to smooth the surface, but disappeared over the years. Several theories suggest that ramps were constructed from the sands and the blocks were pushed or pulled into place. Others say that the blocks were placed using long lever with a short angled foot.
The Great pyramid was 145.75 m (481 ft) high, which is located in Cairo, Egypt. Over the years, it lost 10m (30 ft) off its top. The ...

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... since 1972. This building has so many windows that in order to wash them all, it takes at least a month. The "wings" which start at the 29th floor are necessary near the top of the pyramid to support elevators on the east side and a stairwell and smoke tower on the west side. And being that San Francisco is prone to earthquakes, the foundation consists of a steel and concrete block that sits 52 feet underground and is designed to move during earthquakes.
The companies responsible for the building and designing of the Transamerica building are William L. Pereira & Associates, and other firms which also shared input, were Lowe Enterprises, Dinwiddie Construction Co., Chin & Hensolt Inc., Simonson & Simonson, Glumac International, Western Waterproofing Company of America, and Cushman & Wakefield. The total cost for the Transamerica building is around 32,000,000.

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