Architecture: Green Buildings Essay

Architecture: Green Buildings Essay

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• Completely100% hygienic and safe working environment.
• A minimum of 50% of the energy requirement bio gas and solar power operation
• Waste water treatment and solid waste management
• Achieve LEED and GBSCL platinum ratings to the project.
• Minimum disturbance to the existing ecology
Mainly speaking, green building is an original way to construct building and houses so to use the: tools and tools and materials most capably towards the environment. The green technology definition, in simple words, it means the technology which is environmentally sociable, developed and used in such a way so that it doesn’t disturb our environment and conserves natural properties. You may also hear green technology being referred to as environmental technology and clean technology. In the emerging stages of its development, the future only possibilities to bring bigger and better things for this field. It will in fact be a compulsion of the future. Green for day to day language refers for a color. But in the Constructing and Surveying Green is having a valuable meaning than it is. Green is always symbolize a environmental friendly behavior. Sustainable construction is a construction work that is using natural energy resources, materials and land to minimize the total impact on the environment and develop the hygienic surroundings by optimizing its design, construction, operation and maintenance. According to U.S. Green Building Council (2013), LEED is a controlled, consent based programmer that affording a third party assess for any kind of green construction. LEED rating system is based on a credit earning scheme. To get the LEED rating you have to earn more points by achieving various types of sustainable strategies a...

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Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL) is the local regulatory that works in Sri Lanka. GBCSL has implemented a separate sustainable rating system called GREENSL. It has been formulated to comply with all standards acceptable in other leading international sustainable rating systems. GREENSL rating system aims to satisfy with environmentally acceptable design, construction, operations and its maintenance of buildings. There are eight major elements in GREENSL crediting scheme. Altogether there are 100 credits to achieve in this rating system. Those are as follows:
 Management (4 credits)
 Social and Cultural Awareness (4 credits)
 Innovation and Design Process (4 credits)
 Indoor Environmental Quality (13 credits)
 Materials and Resources (14 credits)
 Energy and Atmosphere (22 credits)
 Water Efficiency (14 credits)
 Sustainable Designs (25 credits)

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