Architecture: Critical Regionalism Essay

Architecture: Critical Regionalism Essay

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From my opinion off what I have gathered, I came to an understanding that Critical regionalism can be seen as an approach to architecture that tries to stand up for places culture and identifies the identity of a place where Modern Architecture has failed to, by using the building's geographical context and reference of vernacular architecture. The term critical regionalism was first used by Alexander Tzonis and Liane Lefaivre and, with a somewhat different meaning, by Kenneth Frampton. Critical regionalism could be considered as a particular kind of post-modern response. This response developed as a result of the failure of Post-modernism, together with the influence of Globalization and the spread of Western culture. Critical Regionalism could also be seen as the best solution to cultural issues and the problems of architectural identity. Frampton’s argument is that critical regionalism should not only answer to context, but it should also value the progress of universal modern architecture.

Critical Regionalism, defined by Fred S. Matter
“… is an attempt to synthesize the rooted aspects of a region,
including physical and cultural characteristics, with appropriate
current technology. It is the search for an architecture that is
meaningful within its context and at the same time participates in
the more universal aspects of a contemporary mobile society.”
(Matter. F.S: 1989)
In this essay I will discuss how concrete regionalism was presented in the work of Le Corbusier who is the most classic example of this movement, Oscar Niemeyer, and Antoine Predock . With each architect having a highly individual vision that has created unique buildings for people and their environment. These architects each has combined vernacular buildi...

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The works of Le Corbusier, Oscar Niemeyer and Antoine Predock shows a high level of honour and truthfulness. These architects were concrete revolutionalists, they partially over-turned the concepts of ‘purism’, ‘less is more’ and functionalism with the plastic freedom made possible by reinforced concrete.
An important aspect of Critical Regionalism is that the occupants of the building should experience the local climatic conditions as well as the response to the nature of the landscape sensitively and thoughtfully. In my view, I think that each of these architects has achieved this aspect in whatever environment they worked with. In conclusion, I think that these international and regional architects have reached an interaction that contributes to the symbolic and iconic architecture that suggests new formal possibilities.

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