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Architecture Career bound Essay

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Career Bound
I have always been interested in fixing things and trying to make things look better; even as a kid helping my dad in construction projects was so fun. It was my father who passed the trade down to me and the ease to try to work around certain problems. I might not always have made the proper choices within the field but found myself very interested in the work. Yes, I probably did not want to get out of bed to work in carpentry or painting some days but I really enjoy restoring, bringing structures back to life, and even building new ones from scratch. I of course have not built a house just by myself or have all the knowledge and experience required in doing so, but I have worked in many of the different stages of building homes and different fields of labor within the process and I love it.
I am very hands in the field but I hope to one day be able to direct and just use my brain and ideas for it, I guess that is my American Dream; to become a very good and well known architect and home builder. I would love to render my services as a professional designer and planner of new homes, reconstructions, over sighting and coordinating my team of builders! I really would enjoy that reputation, hopefully becoming well enough to take on jobs from the government and all over the world. Architecture I believe is what fits my career profile because I do like to put everything in perspective in a sample drawing to determine what the final product will somewhat look like! I have a good imagination and try to analyze my surrounding structures; I am also very observant and creative which should help me in this career. Adding some imagination to our ideas, we can come up with extravagant and beautiful designs of our own liking;...

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...nd this research paper has definitively helped reassure my goal.

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