Architecture and Industrial Age: The Role of Media Violence in Violent Behavior by L. Rowell Huesmann and Laramie D. Taylor

Architecture and Industrial Age: The Role of Media Violence in Violent Behavior by L. Rowell Huesmann and Laramie D. Taylor

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We are in an industrial age where everything is mechanical and we see everything in terms of money .We ignored the natural environment and build a mechanical world for humans ignoring the fact that human being breathe also. Human are not machines that don’t have any culture, society or any sensitivity toward the environment. Human in every era do respond to every single change that’s taking place. With the passage of time fear of human has also changed. In the beginning human need shelter for saving themselves from wild animals but now in this industrial era his fear is something else. He is afraid of industrial development done by him where machines are dictating everything and violence created by his own self. Everything is autocratic rather than being democratic. The places we live in are reduced to shelters which are least bothered of people living in them as well as with the environment they interact. Architecture which was once a link between society, environment, culture and humans are now just storage areas containing human beings. For maintaining this link architecture has to be socio responsive, curative and edutaining which are the qualities of places dictated by human needs. Edutainment is basically educational entertainment which enhances the creative learning of students and keeps their minds calmer and more active.
Architecture in context of Pakistan:
Like developed countries Pakistan is not strong enough to bear the impact of negative effects of industrial era on living conditions of humans. More than half of the population of Pakistan has not enough resources to save them thus they are expo...

... middle of paper ... number of students coming to school will be = 1700 – 255
=1445 students

Space Requirements and Relationships:
Plus 3 floors
• 35 class rooms for 30 students per class
• 4 labs (computer labs, bio lab, chemistry lab, physics lab)
Bio lab, computer lab and physic is used by only 9 and 10th class so they will require one lab for each subject while computer lab is being used by class 6 to 10th so there will be more than one computer lab
• Offices
• Toilets
• Playground
• Cafeteria
• Library
• Multipurpose hall
These all are divided in different zones
• Class room’s area
• Faculty area having staff room and offices
• Cafeteria
• Playing area

Design Objectives
My design objective is to build a public building in response to the present industrial age and its consequences.
Special Requirements
Storage areas, garage loft space, fire exits

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