Architecture And Art : The Great Sphinx Essay

Architecture And Art : The Great Sphinx Essay

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Architecture and art plays a major role in exhibiting and reiterating the histories of ancient world. In relation to the Ancient Near East, the Great Sphinx serves this purpose. To the south of the Khafre pyramid in Giza near Cairo, there sits a huge creature at the depression with the body of a lion but with a human head. This monumental statue, which is the initial true colossal imperial sculpture, is identified as the Great Sphinx. It serves as a national emblem of Egypt both modern and ancient. For centuries, the Great Sphinx has stirred the imagination of tourists, adventurers, scholars and poets while inspiring a wealth of speculation concerning the secrets behind it, its meaning and age. Notably, the term sphinx means strangler was first implied by the Greeks when referring to a creature, which had the wings resembling that of a bird, the body resembling that of a lion and a female head. In Egypt, there are several sphinxes, most of them representing the king adorned in a headdress but with the body similar to a lion’s. However, there are other sphinxes in Egypt that have the head of a ram and they are usually associated with god Amun. An analysis of the Great Sphinx highlights its contribution to the study of the Ancient near East world.
The Great Sphinx highlights the socio-economic activities of the Ancient near east world. The monument is located to the northeastern side of the valley temple, Khafre. Evidently, it sits on a quarry, which exhibits the mining activity that the ancient Egyptians regarded highly. The fact that the Great Sphinx is located at a place which was once a quarry is a key indicator of the fact that Ancient Egyptians were minors. Furthermore, it should be noted that the Sphinx is not a ...

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...n representation of royalty. Furthermore, ancient Egyptians viewed the importance and power of the beast. More often, they appeared to envy them. Thus, they preferred to curve drawings showing their superiority similar to that of the beasts by combining both the head of a king and the body of a lion.
In conclusion, the Great Sphinx is an ancient monument in Egypt. It is an artistic and an archeological representation of ancient history. Most specifically is that it assists in the understanding of various studies of the ancient near east. The structure itself, the manner in which it was built with dual bodies- lion body with human head-, its extreme erosion, its location and its design among numerous other aspects are significant in understanding the ancient near East through different studies including geology, history, environmental and social among others.

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