Essay about Archetypes And Characteristics Of Archetypes

Essay about Archetypes And Characteristics Of Archetypes

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“An archetype is the universal symbolic representations of particular types of people, objects, ideas, or experiences.” (pg.389) In module thirty-one, the archetypes that are discussed are the mother, feminine, and male. Other than these examples in the book, there are archetypes such as the caregiver, hero, rebel, and multiple others. An archetype can be anything a person wants it to be as long as it is a symbolic representation of an experience or idea. Archetypes are similar to stereotypes because they both use a type of person in order to create a character or symbolic figure. There are multiple differences between archetypes and stereotypes. Stereotypes are generalized traits in a character, whereas an archetype is a symbol that is requiring that represents not only a character, but objects, ideas, and experiences. An archetype is based on which a character can be built, while a stereotype is an overgeneralization representation of a character.
Cattell’s 16 source traits, Eysenck’s three dimensions, and the “Big Five” factors are similar because they are all tests based on personality traits. These personality tests involve the personality traits of neuroticism and extraversion which describe how a person is emotionally and socially. While these three sources are similar, they are quite different too. Cattell uses what is called factor analysis in his 16 source traits questionnaire. “Factor analysis is a statistical method of identifying patterns among a large number of variables, which can be done by having a large group of people rate themselves on a number of individual traits they have which are then to someone else.” (pg.394) Eysenck used factor analysis, but came up with three distinct dimensions of personality: psychot...

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...ons. The developers would have had a hard time developing a way to detect when a person was lying about a trait which could make it easier to know what traits they are self-conscious about. “Since the questionnaire consists of only a few questions, the answers can be used to generalize personality characteristics.” (pg.408) It may be hard for interpreters to generalize a person’s characteristics if they over or under exaggerate their symptoms. TO make it easier for developers and interpreters to analyze accurate answers on the test they have developed a “lie scale”. A “lie scale” is included on such measures because people lie about their response in order for their personality to seem more favorable. It would mess up the result of the self-report personality test if the person was falsifying ever answer so it is important that the correct answer is being documented.

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