Essay about The Arab Spring Of 2010

Essay about The Arab Spring Of 2010

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The Arab Spring of 2010 was considered a major event throughout the Middle East and North Africa, in the sense that it led to the eventual ousting of the heads of state of four countries and one country is still in a state of civil war. The Arab Spring started because of certain events that occurred to a 26-year-old street vendor in Tunisia. Social Media was heavily used in these protests because it allowed the protestors to rapidly disseminate unedited information to the world of what was going on in their country and the way the protestors were being treated by the local authorities.
“The Arab Spring, which is also known as the Arab Revolution, was a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests that started in Tunisia on December 18, 2001” (Ogbonnaya, 2010). Even though the people in Tunisia claimed they have been maltreated by the local authorities for some period of time, the protest initially started over a 26-year-old street vendor named Mohammed Bouazizi on December 17, 2010. Bouazizi was selling produce without a permit, and was stopped by a female city official. Bouazizi tried to pay the fine which amounted to only around $7.00. The city official slapped him in the face and said some disrespectful things about his family. Bouazizi then went to the Municipal building to file a complaint and no one was going to listen to his story. He then left the building and returned an hour later with a container of gasoline and set himself on fire right outside the municipal building, in protest over the way he was being treated by the local authorities. Bouazizi was taken to the Hospital and later died of his injuries on January 4, 2011. The people that were around that day started posting pictures and commenting on what happen...

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...who already had seen the fall of four other countries, was determined not to lose his country to protestors and like Libya, ordered his Military forces to put down the demonstrations. He went one step further and utilized chemical weapons on his own citizens to quell the resistance. The protestors had posted to Facebook in a plead to President Obama’s daughters that they needed help in their fight against Bashir Assad.
The heavy use of social media was one of the reasons that the Arab Spring was so successful in the ousting of four of the five heads of state. Social Media has made it possible for anyone to become an amateur Journalist by recording events on their cellular phones as they happen and then posting those videos to social media. In this case, a combination of YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter were the medium used to broadcast to the world what was going on.

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