The Arab Spring: A Worldwide Revolution Essay

The Arab Spring: A Worldwide Revolution Essay

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“When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right” is a quote from Victor Hugo that symbolizes the new age of human rights. Over the years, countries around the world have witnessed terrifying yet life-changing revolutions, but no one in history had expected for such a quick and sudden revolution to begin like the Arab Spring. The Arab Spring has allowed people, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa, to speak out for what they believe in today. Many laws have been overturned due to the amount of pressure the people are putting on their government. One revolution started it all, and ever since then, we have realized many of the biggest protests in history, the rise and downfalls of the economy, a different side to the revolution and the effect it has had on the world.

Ever since the ending of World War Two, the world has experienced fifty big revolutions that all led up to the Arab Spring. The Arab revolutions had begun in 2010 when a Tunisian man attempted suicide by setting himself on fire to protest against government officials who removed his fruit stand off the streets since he did not have the appropriate licence to own it. The reason he did not have one was because of his poverty and the lack of jobs in the country, and that sparked protests by the poor people in Tunisia. Ben Ali, the president of the country for 23 years, realized the violent effect the protest had on the people and quickly announced that he is trying to lower the unemployment rate, but the violence is only making the problem bigger. He promised to create 300 000 jobs but the people only wanted to see the government fall down and on January 14 2011, ex-president Ben Ali fled the country with his family. No one, especially in the Middl...

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... have anchored their position to later become rich and powerful. Others become dictators who wish nothing but the best for themselves. This political statement might never change because it became such a routine in the political system. The Arab Spring has only caused the deaths of thousands to only frustrate the leaders to fight even harder back. Also, it has created an uneven progress in Asia, with Syria dealing with a bloody civil war while as Jordan is creating a new and more efficient government where the people have a say. Other countries, such as Turkey, have changed their political ways to at least realize an improvement. Had the leaders from the countries affected by the protests stayed in power and countries such as Canada, the United States of America and Brazil influenced those leaders to become a democratic country, things would be different today.

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