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The Arab Gulf States Essay

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Arabian Gulf or the Persian Gulf: is the arm of the Arabian Sea, extending from Gulf of Oman in the south to along the Shatt-AL Arab in the north. Its length around 965 km from Shatt-Al Arab to the Hormuz fjord, which links it in the Gulf of Oman. The area of the Arabian Gulf approximately 233 100 km², and varies in width between a maximum of about 370 km to a minimum of 55 km in the Hormuz fjord. A maximum depth of the Arabian Gulf is 90 m. The gulf separates the Arabian Peninsula and south-western of Iran, and overlooking it eight countries including Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman and Iran. Arabian Gulf is very important economically. Most of the world's oil exports through the movement through the ports along its shores. Most of the countries bordering the Arabian Gulf coast are the exporter of oil. In addition, The Arabian Gulf includes oil and gas fields. In 25 May 1981, arab countries overlooking the Arabian Gulf formed a political and economic union in particular called: "Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States". They are an Arab regional organization composed of six members of the overlooks the Arabian Gulf are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. Council was based on the linking the six countries of their special relations, common features, similar systems, and unity of purpose. Here I am going to classify member States of the Cooperation Council by their culture, area, population, terrain and weather.. Through that we can see what these countries, the nature of life and how will its future in the near future.

The researchers used to look at the Arab Gulf states as "states of homogeneous". However, the truth and history tells another story. Arab Gulf states are "heterogeneo...

... middle of paper ... (hot in summer; cold in the winter) and a few rains falls in winter. With the exception of south-west of Saudi Arabia, rainfall in the summer by the Seasonal storm and the weather is mild in the summer. Also in the south of Amman, the weather moderated in summer, and fall some rain.

Finally, I wrote above about the Arab Gulf states and classified in terms of: culture, area, population, terrain and weather. Also I explained in detail the social situation and I compared between the Gulf States in this regard. Before entering into that I say some of information about the Arabian (Persian) Gulf This strategic location on the world map. The lecture also included an explanation of the reasons that led to the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain. The linking of the special relationships and common features.

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