Essay about Aquarius : They Are Revenge Killers Identity Thieves Copyright Thieves

Essay about Aquarius : They Are Revenge Killers Identity Thieves Copyright Thieves

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Aquarius: They are Revenge killers Identity thieves Copyright thieves. They Lie say everything is new and take everything. They can use both air signs Libra and Gemini and say they are good while they act like a Gemini and say they did it first when they know Gemini said they did not do it first.
Pisces: These people are Mutable signs they mute themselves or other and kill or steal from them. Gold digger or other befriend and steal scams. They say they own everything and if you say they don 't they want to come back and say yes they do. They are escape artist so any crime where they can escape and make a living. They try to steal people 's things they tell everyone they own or had something and try to get the Virgo to make that person that own that things want nothing.
Aries: Aries are usually criminals that want to do thing they do things first. They might keep changing. Selling scams or Phone Scams are high on the Aries list. They do not a good company and the Virgo and Leo might try to use them. They might marry someone and then not want anything really just use them.
Taurus – They are greedy and try to say they want nothing and get other people to say they can say they want what other people want. They are involved in money crimes and lovers revenge.
Gemini: Gemini will do any Crime if the environments let 's them. Fraud and fake sales bad merchant, credit card scam. They contradict themselves and are nervous and mute themselves and could kill. Gemini is a known thief they love to steal. They say they want nothing...
Cancer: Are Criminals and mob up anything with there claws in it. They do everything left handed. Meaning they tell other they want nothing and they want them to do things. So all kinds of problem come up and C...

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...really do not know they want nothing to do with people just answer and help. They just do copies of people they try to burn people out get them to say they want nothing and then hunt like there hunter. So if a man hunted a Sagittarius and then said they wanted nothing and thought theses people would listen they might not if they could lie. They just try to do the same as the ones as them like a twin opposite sign Gemini.
Capricorn: Like to do bad things and say they want nothing. Making Clones of them to do more bad things. They try to organize crimes but they are not all stone and have a emotional issue. They might torture people and sexally assult or rape them. They want to steal money and do acts to dishonor people. They like to organize fraud, theft, assaults and more. All the crimes said before the Capricorn could have found out about them and been exploited.

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