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Aqualisa Target Market Essay

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Aqualisa target market
For Aqualisa’s Quartz shower system to become more profitable and accepted in the United Kingdom’s, stagnant, unimaginative, shower market, Rawlinson needs to work to educate all potential consumers on the features and benefits of the Quartz shower system. More importantly, to gain that market share needed to make the Quartz system successful, Rawlinson needs to focus the Quartz marketing efforts on the do-it-yourselfers, and the plumbers. These markets are the areas that this new product and technology would have the most direct effect on, they will be the installers of the product, and in most cases the decision makers on where the system will be installed. Without the acceptance and buy-in of these two key markets, the Aqualisa Quartz shower system will not grow its market share or change the perception of showers in the United Kingdom.
Why plumbers?
The plumbers is simply where the target market is for the Quartz showers, the data states that with mixer showers, 20% are influenced by the plumber, not the brand, 28% of consumers takes the plumber’s advice on the brand and type of shower they should use, and 25% is just the plumber making the decision and not taking any advice from the person they are doing the job for. That is 73% of the market, for mixer showers, that involves the plumber.
The most effective way to reach this demographic is to get the product in their hands and have them try it; the plumbers need to be convinced that innovation in the electric shower market is beneficial to them and their job. Aqualisa marketing team needs to work to get into more than the current 40% of trade shops, and can use these shops to demo the Quartz product. During high-volume times, have a few stations s...

... middle of paper ... less of the luxury features, but still provide the basic functionality of a Quartz product, with steady pressure, consistent temperature, and made of sturdy materials that will not break after short use. Dropping the price of the Quartz system, or introducing a lower cost system, could initially decrease profits for Aqualisa, but with a product at a lower cost, it could compete with the current unreliable systems on the market. However, once the do-it-yourselfer and plumbers start to use the system, they will have users hooked, and potentially raise its market share. Also with the prospect of more satisfied customers and plumbers, brings the benefit of “word of mouth” advertisement, users will start demanding it from plumbers and builders, and the potential of users who may splurge for the better luxury systems, because they now know and trust the Aqualisa brand.

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