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Ask yourself; do you consider yourself a bookworm? If you do, what are your favorite books to read? Now imagine those books being banned from the education system. Actually there is no need to imagine, because as you are reading this more and more books are being forbidden for students to read. These books include not just books we enjoy to read but classic American stories. On the list we have The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck and even The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Banning these books is in my opinion one of the worst things this government has done. The board of education is constantly trying to promote literacy, but are they really doing so by taking away the privilege of reading these books? All they are really trying to do is protect small children from vigorous topics such as rape, murder, and homosexuality, but they need to understand that banning books won't protect them from anything. Also, our founding fathers created 10 amendments to give citizens protection, and by law they have to listen to those rights. However the government seems to have ignored the 1st amendment that was written into the Bill Of Rights. On top of all that the government is not helping children stay open minded, and snatching culture from their grasp.
The government is constantly talking about how literacy is important and we need to keep on reading, but by banning our books they aren't doing a very well done job on encouraging it. Thurgood Marshall Elementary School in the Chula Vista School District is always trying to get students to read more and more. They have a system where they give students a certain level and they are able to read any book within that level. Then they are gi...

... middle of paper ...

... think that it’s a book about the color grey. This would help the government encourage literacy better, and fully protect children like they wanted in the first place. In order to avoid breaking the first amendment they would just have to overall not ban any religious books. Besides what good does banning books does for everyone? Nothing really, therefore the board of education needs to learn how to approve over taboo.

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