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Approach to Research Studies Essay

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Approach to Research Studies
The field of social science typically applies the research methods of either qualitative or quantitative concept ( ). The quantitative research strategy incorporates approaches which emphasize on quantities. The quantitative method collects data, usually by numbers, and is evaluated by numerical and automated methods. The quantitative approach to research is primarily used in research in the field of physical science (book). However, the qualitative method customarily makes use of words to clarify extensive theories that cannot be apprehended statistically, for instance in such things as: an individual’s principles, state of mind, or objectives. The information that is composed, within the method of qualitative theory, can be in the form of words, field notes, or records, therefore, the information collected in this strategy cannot be understood statistically ( ). There are key differences in the aforementioned types of research methodologies; this paper will outline the differences, advantages, as well as, the disadvantages of each method, and how to determine the best method for a study on leadership.
Quantitative Method
The quantitative method of research in a study involves the use of queries, and the possibilities for reply have been prearranged (book). This method of research has the need for the use of a huge pool of respondents. The scope in this method of research has a necessity to be hypothetically impartial, in facts and be effective numerically. A random selection method, referred to as sampling, is used due to the huge amount of participants needed. Prior to the beginning of the study, a numerical method is used to govern the number of participants to allow the finding to be withi...

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...e of clarifications and observations.
Research Strategies
Different styles of research are employed in research to safeguard that the facts are acquired to permit examiners to find resolution to the principal queries for the study correctly, therefore, evading uncertainty ( ). Acquiring relevant proof encompasses stipulating the type of proof mandatory in answering the query. Methodological designs encompass logical complications; therefore, matters of sampling, information gathering methods, and queries are secondary to the type of method used in research. Strategies are often compared with quantitative and qualitative research methods. Research and collective studies are often observed as principal specimens of quantitative research and are evaluated compared to the flaws and strong point of numerical, examination, and quantitative research methods ( ).

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