Essay on The Approach Activity : Make Believe Play

Essay on The Approach Activity : Make Believe Play

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Vygotskian Approach Activity – Make-Believe Play

There will be two lists of make-believe scenarios; one that all children should be able to recognize such as grocery-shopping, playing house, going to the playground, etc. And the other will be less common ones, such as going to a car shop, making a building, being a doctor etc., those will have instructions on how to teach the kids the scenarios so they can play it on their own. The teacher will be there each step of the way until the children no longer need the social input of the teacher and can begin to play amongst themselves like with the extremely common ones.
By doing these activities with the children, one the teacher will be able to show kids other everyday activities they might not get exposed to regularly and have better understanding of what goes on in their lives. Once the children are able to these on their own, this will help their cognitive development because “make-believe play” involves a lot of cognitive functions; such as memory, imagination, interpreting and acting out the role they are given/play...

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