The Apprentice Is A Reality Tv Essay

The Apprentice Is A Reality Tv Essay

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The apprentice is a reality TV show started from New York City in 2004. The show observed participants divided into two groups, contending with one to another for a position to work for Donald Trump. The show was successful to the point that few seasons were made after that, even outside the US. The thought of the show was made by Donald trump that possesses a variety of organizations, hotels, and casinos. Furthermore, he is the biggest land engineer in New York. Like the other episodes, Donald Trump and trusted partners, George and Carla, will monitor the gatherings, and educate Sir Donald Trump how every group has performed and collaborate with the team members to win the task.
The main task in this episode is negotiation. The groups are advised to work with various celebrities at the Sotheby 's celebrity auction to raise money for charity and benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. As a result the Versacorp won the task since they could minimize the various indiscretions that Tammy made all through the errand, while the Protégé Corporation lost because they did not have the greater cash money that Versacorp did. However, they sent to the boardroom and after a tough decision, Jessie was fired (Retrieved from
Basically, the emphasis on the negotiation skills on this task is to test the contestants’ skills and potentials to execute and raise more money for the charity. The lack of these skills can affect the team performance, develop a potential conflict, and end up the losers in the boardroom. Negotiation is a very delicate task; it requires hard work, planning, and intelligent for a better execution. “In “Tit for Tat” Mr. Trump tells the audience that the only way you can beat y...

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The controlling was a critical part in the opposition, whatever execution made. Donald Trump emphasized on Quality control and professional execution is the essential skills that Donald Trump emphasized on in order to be successful in his enterprise. In the scene Kristi did not deal with the nature of the work so they effortlessly lost the money. As a recommendation the team and the project manager should be strategic in planning, controlling, and organizing, especially in negotiation tasks. Also, decision making and effective planning are important element for execution, especially when dealing with unverifiable environment. The successful project manager is the one who has the ability to delegate orders, manage the members’ attitude and behavior, and assign responsibilities according to individuals experience and knowledge.

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