Essay on Applying U.S. Principles on Internet Freedom

Essay on Applying U.S. Principles on Internet Freedom

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Knowledge, particularly the methods in which it is gained, is an extremely complex subject that is approached in many different ways. The problems with knowledge mainly circulate around bias and selection, which inevitably exist and create what are known as knowledge issues. These knowledge issues are especially common when studying history because the information is largely based on opinions or selective information from only one side of the story. Moreover, religion and natural sciences are among the other areas of knowledge that can contain problems of bias and selection which can significantly affect the accuracy of the information we gain. Despite problems of bias and selection, it can still be possible to gain knowledge, however with the understanding that it may not be entirely accurate.
By looking at history as an area of knowledge, it can be said that a biased or selective source still allows one to gain a unique perspective on an event or issue. For example, if one wants to learn about the holocaust and they choose to examine information put together by a member of the Nazi Party; it is very likely they may encounter information that consists of nationalistic bias. This is because a member of the Nazi Party would ultimately spread information only according to his/her perception, which in this case would be pro-Hitler. A specific example of this would be, if a learner reads “Mein Kampf”, a book written by Hitler, they would still be gaining knowledge; but only about one perspective of the huge event. The author (Hitler) articulates many disturbing dispositions in the book; meanwhile it provides an interesting insight into the mind of one of the world’s most evil dictators. In other words, I believe that if one were ...

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...pite knowledge issues, such as bias and selection, knowledge can still be attained about certain perspectives or political agendas, even though it is only correct to an extent.

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