Applying The Simmons School Of Social Work Essays

Applying The Simmons School Of Social Work Essays

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My main reason for applying to the Simmons School of Social Work is that it is an accredited university with an excellent reputation as an educational institution and offers an MSW program that is predominantly online. I attended Thomas Edison State University online and earned my bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.9. Once I made the decision to continue my education, I searched for MSW programs that were available online with CSWE accreditation in compliance with New Jersey State social work licensure. I found that Simmons’s specialized program in clinical social work is well suited for my educational needs.
I attended college right after high school in the usual manner; I changed majors a few times finally deciding on psychology. Then life happened when I got my own apartment and had to pay bills. I began working full time in the corporate world in New York City in an administrative capacity. I continued taking college courses part time in the evenings until my job required a lot of overtime hours and I eventually dropped out. Years later, the business services industry in New York City suffered a major downturn when the World Trade Center was destroyed in 2001. Not only did I lose my job (the position I held was dissolved by the company), I suffered from depression and unrealized PTSD symptoms as a direct result of the 911 tragedy. Unable to find another job and experiencing crippling anxiety, I moved to New Jersey with my parents. Soon after, I sought out counselling and attended elective one on one and group therapy sessions. The group therapy focused on PTSD, self-esteem, problem solving, late life issues and anger management. After repairing my anxiety issues and regaining my self-confidence and self-estee...

... middle of paper ... online learning has allowed me to cultivate self-discipline to work on my own and precisely schedule workloads to complete assignments within the specified time limits. Working at my own pace allows me to get things accomplished ahead of time. Less socializing and solitude enables me to focus more on my studies and assignments with less distraction. My ambition, self-discipline and computer skills have made it easy to adapt to distance learning. My success with the online educational process in attaining my bachelor’s degree has made me eager to pursue my master’s degree in the same manner. My passionate interest in stress and anger management have steered my career goals towards counseling and therapeutic practice. I sincerely believe I am on the correct path and that I will achieve much success in this endeavor. Thank you for your time and attention.

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