Applying Leadership Principles Across Culturally Diverse Workforce Essay

Applying Leadership Principles Across Culturally Diverse Workforce Essay

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Applying Leadership Principles across Culturally Diverse Workforce
in a Global Work Environment:
The modern world has experienced tremendous changes, which have contributed to changes in people living in the global world. These changes have mainly been brought by globalization, which is a major phenomenon in the 21st Century. Leaders across various professions, businesses, and governments need to cope with globalization since it forces them to cross borders more often and communicate or conduct business with people from other cultures. This process involves developing necessary skills for working effectively in the modern complex world. Actually, the ability of these leaders to work effectively not only requires the development of essential skills but the application of leadership principles in the global work environment. In essence, leaders must develop their ability to apply leadership principles across culturally diverse workforce in today’s global work environment.
Emergence of a Culturally Diverse Workplace
As previously mentioned, today’s world has experienced huge changes that have transformed businesses and people’s lifestyles. These changes are largely attributed to globalization, which has made it easy for people to communicate across borders either in person or through electronic means (Moran, Harris & Moran, 2011, p.3). The current globalization era has contributed to an immense growth and popularity of a multi-cultural workplace and belief that such a workforce results in enhanced organizational effectiveness. For instance, organizations seek to realize greater learning and growth through acknowledging and respecting the differences brought by a culturally diverse workplace.
The concept of a culturally d...

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... change requires development of unbiased open-mindedness, good team-building skills, and effective communication skills among others.
Initiating organizational change is an important leadership principle that contributes to the development of an organization’s corporate culture. Corporate culture is simply defined as the way of life within an organization (Moran, Harris & Moran, 2011, p.192). Corporate culture has considerable impact on an organization’s long term economic performance and determines the success or failure of a firm. Leaders can ensure cultural diversity in the workplace by developing an organizational or corporate culture that promotes the effective functioning of multicultural individuals and teams. The principle of facilitating change can be used by the leaders to lead and participate effectively in multicultural teams in the work environment.

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