Applying Kant 's Categorical Imperative Essay

Applying Kant 's Categorical Imperative Essay

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Applying Kant’s categorical imperative to better Humanity
People normally assume that moral principles must relate to all rational beings at all places and all times. Moral principles must therefore be based on concepts of reason, as opposed to personality and cultural believes. The goal of the Kant’s Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals is to develop a better understanding of moral principles, so that people may better distinguish what is morally right or wrong. A prime example of that is deontology, which is the ethical position that judges the morality of an action based on the action’s loyalty to a rule or duty. Describe by Kant’s categorical imperative, as a requirement that we act only according to principles of law. Deontology is typically characterized by three principles. The first is that actions are moral if and only if they are undertaken without any ulterior motive. Second, the moral quality of an action is judged not according to the action 's consequences, but according to the motive that produced it. Third, actions are moral if and only if they are undertaken out of respect for the moral law instead of other motivation such as a need or desire. As a distinction from other ethical theories, deontologists do not consider consequences and specific interests as a means to approach an ethical problem. However, the moral law is applicable in all situations. Kant’s categorical imperative pretty much states that, rather than imposing specific actions, we must express the principle that actions should be undertaken with pure motives, without consideration of consequences, and out of pure respect for the law to relate to the multitude of ethical issues like child labor and poverty in today’s world.
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...aken from their parents. However, a good majority of them were tricked to work in the coco plantation, so they could earn money to help their families. In reference to the little girl that was almost taken to the coco plantation in the film the Dark Side of Chocolate, when she was asked what did the trafficker tell you. With a puzzled look the poor girls face, she replied by saying, she was told that she was going to make a lot of money. The impact of poverty is perhaps the leading cause of child labor. Poverty is a problem that brings about serious ethical implications on the freedom and will of billions of children’s worldwide as they are force in to the cycle of poverty. If we apply Kant’s categorical imperative to the ethical problem we face today, the world would be a place that promotes the concept of will and that morality must be based on the concept of law.

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