Applying for the University of Texas for a Master in Science of Computers

Applying for the University of Texas for a Master in Science of Computers

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Statement of Purpose
I am applying to University of Texas at Dallas to pursue Master of Science program in Computer
Science with special reference to Operating Systems and Computer Architecture. Ten years from
now, I envisage myself as research professional in an organization or a faculty at one of the leading
university. Ultimately, my objective is to seek Ph.D. Degree.
21st century is harbinger for major transition in terms of information technology industry for India.
I have seen the technology changed lives of people for the better. Because of this impression and
innate inquisitive nature, I coupled myself with the dream to start undergraduate studies in
Computer Engineering. I was 99th in Maharashtra state among all Engineering aspirants which
secured me a position in College of Engineering, Pune, one of the oldest and prestigious
Engineering institute in India. I have made best use of state-of-the-art facilties provided to me over
four years in learning fundamentals of Engineering and contributing to research work at college.
Additionally, I consistentantly tried to maintain my academic rank among top 25% of the class.
With 2.5 years of industry experience as Development Engineer at Calsoft Pvt. Ltd. Pune, after
undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering, I realized that my next step is Masters in Computer
This realization started when my professor of Principles of Programming Language introduced us to
Linux Operating System. Over the last three years, my penchant for research has gradually
burgeoned especially, in the fields of Systems. I started experimenting with open source tools which
improved my programming and data structure skills a lot. Courses like "Operating Systems",...

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...ongly believe that persistent hard work in education builds the best foundation for
future career. Because of innovative and pioneering research work going on in your university, I
would consider it a privilege to join Master's study and avail state-of-the art research facilities.
I am sure that University of Texas at Dallas will offer me right guidance and excellant research
opportunity to work with distinguished faculty. I look forward to meet and receive guidance under
professor Neeraj Mittal whose work in Distributed Computingfield interests me and matches my
interests. I also look forward to work under professor I-Ling Yen and Edwin Sha. I hope to get
financial assistance. I understand that it is my great responsibility to work hard for my education. I
look forward to get admitted into your institute at recognized Computer Science department.

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