Essay on Applying For A Post Baccalaureate Degree Of Computer Science

Essay on Applying For A Post Baccalaureate Degree Of Computer Science

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In applying for a post baccalaureate degree in computer science, I bring an array of abilities founded on the earning of my bachelor’s degree in journalism from Marmara University; a school which selects their students from the top 0.01% of the examinees, and I was one of the students so selected. In earning this second BA, with interest in software development and/or database administration, I am of the conviction that this is an excellent life choice. 

To say I’ve been interested in technology since childhood, is clearly an underestimation.  I’ve conceptually dwelled in not only every aspect of computer, but hardware and software with a long-term equal zeal. The truth is I have long held a great passion for every technological device. After I graduated from university, I came to U.S to improve my English and prepare for TOEFL, while spending hours with a friend at Microsoft, which became essentially a tutorial. As to software development I acquired a solid familiarity with a software system development methodology, dividing the conceptual fieldwork into distinct stages containing activities with the intent of overall better planning and management. Learning about the existence and complexity of methodology to include waterfall, prototyping, iterative and incremental development, spiral development, rapid application development, extreme programming and various types of agile methodology. I became to progressively apprehend, the meaning of concepts of life-cycle transformation.

Data base administration meant an entirely different orientation, ways of thinking and attendant skills. The nature of the work is complex, repetitive, time-consuming and requires significant training. However, in that what is at issue involves valu...

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... a gratifying truth that your handi-work can make an impact of meaning on the social order.

As I specifically envision, I foresee working in a top firm like Microsoft, assisting in breakthroughs previously unknown. Whether it be Microsoft, Apple, Amazon or Google, my goal is ambitious, to one day be instrumental in the creation of multi billion dollar software, software that will prove useful in every business as well as general purpose use. Ultimately as a natural entrepreneur, I aspire to open my own company. When I reflect back on my beginnings in journalism, I firmly see the overlap in skills. In both cases you must have highly sharpened cognitive and deductive ability as well as the ability to communicate impeccably with teams, colleagues and peers, and all these skills are ones that I bring to my studies. As such, I believe I am headed toward success.

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