Essay on Applying Ethical Framework On Practice

Essay on Applying Ethical Framework On Practice

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Applying Ethical Framework in Practice
Ethical decision-making requires health care workers thoughtful reflection and logical judgment( purilo). As health care workers we face ethical issues and dilemma everyday and we are in the process of going through the foundation for identifying ethical problem and ethical tools, try to apply the six step ethical decision making model towards resolution for the dilemma encountered in this situation. Severely infectious disease like meningitis need acute treatments and medical care along with prayer if the parents are believers for cure without complications, not just prayer alone will put the child’s life in danger. Ethical decision making by ethic committee or state involvement needed to treat and care this child for recovery.
Case Scenario: A six year old child was taken to the hospital with high fever with projectile vomiting and convulsions from the school, The attending physician made a diagnosis of meningitis and requests permission for treatment. The child’s parents are divorced. Childs stepmother has the primary custody of the child, who refuses medical treatment due to religious reasons who is a Christian scientist. They also contacted the biological father of the child who resides in another state insisted treatment should be given, also request independent consultation from another physician.
What is the ethical dilemma in this case?
Patient is six year old minor, patient is unable to make the decision for treatment, The mother of the child who has the legal custody of the child refusing medical treatment due to religious reasons, father who lives in another state insists for treatment but seeking second opinion. No data available about the biological mother. Legally the parent or...

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... treatment after we notify the ethic committee and child protection agency, the consequences are you will be punished with criminal charges for child neglect/abuse/assault charges, also you going to loose the custody of the child. According to hospital policy and its our duty to treat your child and try our best to save the life of the child.


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Purtilo, Ruth, Regina Doherty. Ethical Dimensions in the Health Professions, 5th Edition. W.B.
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