Applying Erma Bombeck’s Seize The Moment Philosophy to My Life Essay

Applying Erma Bombeck’s Seize The Moment Philosophy to My Life Essay

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As it was stated by our country’s founding father, Benjamin Franklin, “you may delay, but time will not. The assignment given, encouraged me to acutely contemplate his words, which in turn lead me to realize how powerful of a concept he really conveyed. If you think about it, since the beginning of time, time has remained perfectly constant without any pauses or interruptions, and could possibly be our most accurate form of systematic measurement. Not to mention, living in a world that functions solely on time, it’s relieving to know we can always count on time, as Father Time will never be late and should be upheld as our most reliable source. Moving clockwise, this assignment asked me to apply Erma Bombeck’s “Seize The Moment” philosophy to my own life, and determine whether I lived by this standard or not. Without much thought I knew right away, that although I completely agree with Erma in seizing the moment, I personally have not adopted this mentality as a lifestyle to follow. My reason being, Erma failed to acknowledge that more important than “seizing the moment,” in my opinion, is a responsible person should first understand that “timing is key” to everything. Putting time as the building block on the bottom of the pyramid, all other virtues such as seizing opportunities, achieving success and accomplishing goals are purely contingent on time. I’m optimistic in believing opportunities have and will continue to present themselves to me for as long as I stay on the right path. My outlook on life allows me to easily choose responsibility over opportunity without hesitation or any remorse. My current responsibilities that prevents me from seizing the moment include, I’m a single mother caring for three young girls, my financ...

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...f you’re equipped to return home safe because all trips end at some point. I’m preparing my self now so when I’m able to join the “seize the moment” population, I can ride first class with my hair down. If I work hard, trust and believe when the time is right I’m going to play two times harder.
In conclusion I would like to restate that I’m completely for and admire the “seize the moment” lifestyle. I just feel that it’s each person’s individual responsibility to prioritize his or her obligations first, in order to fully enjoy the moment and everything it has to offer when it comes. I can say that I’m working diligently towards this mentality and am hopefully I will get there soon. But presently I feel as though “seizing the moment” will serve more as a distraction or detour to get me off my path. I know that when the time is right, I wont have to seize the moment.

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