Essay on Applying A Single And Multiple Salesforce

Essay on Applying A Single And Multiple Salesforce

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My research shows that there isn’t a straightforward solution when deciding whether to opt for a single or multiple Salesforce instances - the decision depends on various factors that are normally unique to each business. Several considerations should take place when deciding whether to use a single or multiple Salesforce instances:
1. Global visibility is normally one of the principal reasons for purchasing Salesforce (and its core function) and is critical for stakeholders, executives and managers. A single Salesforce org provides greater management visibility with the unified reporting along with roll up and drill-down into business data - business’s stakeholders and executives will have one centralised view of all reports and dashboards in a single Salesforce org. Significant amount of business development decisions is made on the basis of this data. This would become difficult if business decides to use multiple Salesforce orgs. There must be a third party solutions for cross org analytics however it means further costs and complex implementation process (more time and resources to spend);
2. If the business is administered and managed centrally, it is advisable to proceed with the single Salesforce org;
3. The company is highly likely to get a better deal from Salesforce for their Licences, Feature or Product fees if opting for a single organisation with the considerable amount of users;
4. Lower costs for implementing and maintaining a single organisation as administration and all resources would be centralised. Integrations, such as with the payments systems (I note that the company presently has two different payment system in place), would be easier within the single Salesforce org;
5. However, whilst you can sa...

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...pment decisions can be slowed and challenging to coordinate as users input may vary due to the culture (e.g different expectations in terms of replies to the support queries). I do not see this point as a deciding factor unless the business has their processes uniquely tailored to fit the location.
There are more benefits of using a single Salesforce organisation vs multiple and in my opinion, if the business decides to proceed with the multiple organisation approach it has to be well thought through as the process of merging organisations into one would be lengthy and complex. When making this decision not only it’s important to assess the current circumstances but also measure how it would affect future business development plans – the decision which may seem to fit current circumstances may not do so in the future (e.g if company’s administration will be split).

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