Essay on Applied Behavior Analysis And Clinical Science

Essay on Applied Behavior Analysis And Clinical Science

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Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Science
Statement of Purpose

Since as far back as I could remember, I knew I wanted to make a difference. I remember being the little girl that never wanted to take more than the other children. I remember being the girl that always put others before herself, especially those who were less fortunate than I was. While children my age were busy playing Simon Says in our neighborhood, I was making a difference volunteering throughout the community. The most memorable and impactful experience that I can remember, is volunteering at Give Kids the World. Give Kids the World is a nonprofit community that allows children with life-threatening illnesses to vacation to central Florida with their families completely free of charge. While volunteering one day, I remember standing there scooping ice cream for those spirited children, and realizing that I wanted to find a way to help them. The laughter of the children reverberated in my ears for days; their energies and spirits are still with me to this day. Simply put, I believe that children are our future.
Being the first person in my immediate family to successfully complete college was an incredible achievement. My father barely completed high school, and my mother began college but never finished. I was so lucky to have a family that supported me throughout my entire journey to get to where I am today. My parents never waivering love and support are honestly what keeps me going. Growing up as an only child meant all eyes on me at all times. Most people believe that only children grow up to be spoiled, I can attest to that statement being false. I recall my first memory being my mother and I sleeping on the floor of our first aparment in Florida...

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...of becoming a clinical psychologist, perhaps with a concentration in neuropsychology. As a clinical psychologist I would like to be able to assist children, adolescents, and their families in understanding and treating their behavior and neurological disorders. The intricacies of the brain and its effects on our behaviors are fascinating and intriguing. I am thankful to have learned about this new program at Rollins and would be overjoyed in becoming one of the first classes to complete this program and start making a difference in the community, and hopefully one day the world. Given the opportunity to gain a Master 's Degree at Rollins College, I am prepared to continue my diligent work ethic, utilize critical thinking and problem solving skills, and strive to become a well educated individual assisting those who suffer from learning and behavioral disorders.

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