Essay on The Applications Of Project For Esol And Multicultural Education

Essay on The Applications Of Project For Esol And Multicultural Education

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C. Implications/Applications of Project for ESOL & Multicultural Education
Two models in ESOL learning - SIOP and CRT - could, I believe, have greatly enhanced and expedited Joseph’s English language learning. It appears, from listening to Joseph’s experience, that the main tenets of second language acquisition came into play when Joseph’s ESOL classes were disrupted by his teacher’s departure his sophomore year. To elaborate on this further, I will begin with Krashen’s explanation of second language acquisition theory and then explore SIOP and CRT as models that could have improved Joseph’s experience, which in turn, I believe, will also address implication and applications to the wider field of ESOL and multicultural education.
As mentioned earlier, Krashen & Terrell (1995) discuss second language acquisition theory and give attention to five hypotheses: “acquisition-learning hypothesis,” “natural order hypothesis,” “monitor hypothesis,” “input hypothesis,” and “affective filter hypothesis” (p. 23). The first hypothesis, “acquisition-learning” suggests that a distinction exists in the acquisition of language and the learning of language, whereby “acquisition” is a more implicit process and learning is an explicit process which focuses on “formal knowledge of language” (p. 26). This overarching hypothesis is further broken out by its successors. “Monitor hypothesis,” for example focuses on the conscious learning of a second language learner, where the learner makes changes to their structuring of sentences, for example, based on conscious awareness of language rules (p. 30). Alternatively, the “input hypothesis,” focuses more specifically on the acquisition aspect, with subconscious comprehension aiding the learner’s acquisit...

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...standing. Cultural Responsive Teaching as a model allows for the student to be viewed as an individual, especially with its focus on developing a student academically as well as their sociopolitical or critical consciousness. In my view, it is very much an identity building pedagogical practice that would, in the ESOL environment, help one develop their identity in a new language.
Joseph’s experience is reflective of the experience that many ESOL students might encounter in the classroom. Yet, through culturally responsive practices and supportive models of second language learning, such as SIOP, these experiences do not have to be so challenging and mentally draining for students. Rather, these experiences can be supportive and geared towards building the individual’s language capacity, and further, support their overall identity development in the new language.

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