Applications Are Excellent Tools For Teacher Instruction Essay

Applications Are Excellent Tools For Teacher Instruction Essay

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T.R.K.D. four applications that stand for Toontastic, Remind, Kidblog, and Duolingo. These four applications are excellent tools for teacher instruction. Toontastic is an educational application geared towards students in K- 5th grade. This application is a fun innovative learning tool that teaches storytelling skills through the creation of cartoons. Remind is a communication tool that helps teachers connect readily with students and parents by sending easy and fast messages online or to any of their portable devices. Following Remind is Kidblog, an educational blog site appropriate for students in K- 12th grade. It was established for teachers to use in creating and helping students publish writing safely online. All of this is done under supervision of the teacher(s). Lastly, Duolingo is both a web and mobile language learning software that allows its users an easy access in learning languages by providing exercises that cover reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
Toontastic is an interactive app that is geared towards lower grade levels that helps students gain knowledge of the parts to a story. Students can create and understand structures of a story. Students are able build scenes, add characters, give the characters voices, add props to their story, and add music that correlates with the mood of the story. Characters can be added from a pre-set selection or from the user may create their own from a drawing selection built into the app. This app takes learning further than the minimal education approach. Instead of only explaining to students what a scene is and the features that are involved, the students are able learn in a tactile environment that is more retainable. Although this app is only ob...

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...ingo mobile app lets you continue where you last left off on the website. Duolingo is a great program and application to use, because it provides teachers, especially those that teach languages an additional tool to help students learn. This application is great for not only education in schools, but for anyone who wants to learn a new language.
In conclusion, the overall consensus is that these apps are not only educationally friendly, but also user friendly. The pricing of the apps is reasonably priced, making them more appealing to educators and families who want to utilize technology in a way other than just for fun. By giving people more adequate tools to learn and communicate, students will be more enabled to be successful in their learning. With education changing, people now have the ability to utilize technology, and view education in a whole new light.

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