Essay about Application to Pre-Medical Program

Essay about Application to Pre-Medical Program

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Pediatrics is a field that combines my two primary interests: children and academics. The pediatrician has a critical role in the life and healthy development of a child and is a person on whom the parents heavily rely on. Children have always played a role in my life, in both work and social interactions, and I cherish each and every moment I spend with a young person—you always learn something new and are often pleasantly surprised by how insightful children can be. My time spent helping in the pediatric department in a hospital and shadowing a pediatrician greatly influenced me to pursue a career as a pediatric. My immediate goal is to be accepted into a pre-medical program and to major in biology and minor in psychology so that I can eventually enroll in a pediatrics residency program.

My propensity towards the science fields blossomed when I started high school. Eventually, I developed a more acute interest in human health and anatomy. I found that I had many questions that had complex answers. This led me to the realization that I have an intense curiosity in the human body—i...

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