Application to Infection and Immunity M.Sc. Program Essays

Application to Infection and Immunity M.Sc. Program Essays

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Personal Statement
Application to Infection and Immunity MSc Program
I began high school in 2003. Like every other student I aimed for the so called high and prominent careers and my first choice was Medicine while my second choice was nursing. This led me to volunteer in a hospital immediately after High school but after the results were out I did not qualify for the Medicine program as a government sponsored student instead, I was selected for the General Science program. I did not know what the program entailed when I enrolled in the university but I embraced it positively and settled on making it work for me. I did my research on people who had previously gone through the same program and were successful and from the findings I chose those who were accessible and made them my mentors. Through interacting with them I gained knowledge from their experiences and I came to learn of a different perspective of medicine that of biomedical research. Today I look at General Science as the best thing destiny brought my way.
My interests in science have grown and that has been the foundation of my academic success. From General Science I chose the option of biological sciences and from biological sciences I chose Zoology and biochemistry. I will be graduating in December 2013 with a First class honors in Bachelor of Science with a major in Zoology and a minor in Biochemistry. I have developed a thorough understanding of General Science, what it entails and its career prospect giving me enough reason to want to pursue it further. My ultimate academic goal is to earn a Ph.D. in infectious diseases, a masters course will help me explore and narrow down my interests on the area of infectious diseases i will study in depth.
As a general scie...

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...ork mainly in hospitals as a way to give back to the society. All these experiences have moulded me to be a well rounded person and therefore I plan to continue my involvement in extra-curricular activities as I pursue further studies.
As far as long-term plans, I hope to venture in the unexploited area of Tungiasis and contribute to adding knowledge on the disease and developing control measures. A masters in Infection and Immunity will not only help me advance my career but it will help me be part of the solution to heath problems in the world It will remain relevant to me more importantly because I am a citizen of Kenya-a developing country where infectious diseases have great impact on the social, medical and economic aspects of life because they affect both humans and animals. It places me in a better position to achieve my goals while reaching out to people.

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