Application Software For Palm Beach County Zoning Division Essay example

Application Software For Palm Beach County Zoning Division Essay example

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In this case study the implementation of an application software will be introduced to alleviate the amount of paperwork that is being disseminated throughout the various agencies in Palm Beach County Zoning Division. This application software will be beneficial to the applicants, as well as the Palm Beach County (PBC) agencies. By incorporating the application software, it will reduce the amount of paperwork that is being distributed among the various agencies, primarily the Zoning Division. Currently, the zoning department uses and application software electronic Planning, Zoning, and Building (ePZB) to store and share small residential projects. By using the existing software and modifying it to allow the system to store larger projects and virtually eliminate the paper process submitted by the applicant.
Palm Beach County zoning division currently reviews applications for residential and commercial projects submitted by private developers, retail companies, and general contractors. The submittal of documents such as site plans, regulating plans, surveys, engineering statements, together with concurrency forms are submitted through the zoning department and disseminated through the other seventeen agencies for approval. During this process not only is it costly to the applicant but a tremendous amount of paperwork that is being produced and often time is wasted through the approval process. By implementing the application software, it will reduce the amount of paper that is being submitted to zoning. In addition, this will reduce the amount of paper being printed and will provide the other agencies such as engineering, traffic, water-utilities, planning, and building a way to access the information online rather having to wait...

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...imited access with only the ability to view the approval process of their submitted applications. In the table provided a weighted multi-criteria analysis will be conducted and analyzed for the most efficient way in processing the applications. The table shown below analyzes all the alternatives a rating of 5 signifies it meets or exceeds the requirements for the system software. For each requirement and constraint, a score is calculated by multiplying each requirement and constraint by the weight to receive a score. Alternative C is the most efficient when it comes to the online components being processed. However, it’s also the most Alternative A is the ideal solution for the constraints. Alternative B is the choice that make the most since it’s efficient and economical from a software perspective and will not require a tremendous operating budget to manufacture.

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