Application Of The Classroom Activities Essay

Application Of The Classroom Activities Essay

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Application in the classroom is truly the key to further drive in the skills and concepts taught to students.Furthermore, it is essential for teachers to offer opportunities in the classroom to give students a chance to learn, practice, and independently apply their reading, writing, and oral language skills. Due to this need, the application of the the following list of classroom activities can assist teacher: having students perform oral readings, either one-on-one or to the class,fluency practice sessions, choral reading, reader’s theatre, repeated readings, guided reading and much more. I strongly believe that applying these techniques and strategies with my students can be truly successful for students to develop their reading skills. Giving students the opportunity to communicate their understandings during whole class discussion or peer discussions provides good practice for students and allows teachers to easily observe students practice their oral reading in action. After repeatedly reading and constantly apply classroom discussions with students will also present them to new information and gives them the opportunity to develop both their expressive and receptive language skills. Through this expression, students can gather new information through discussions and students should be encouraged to demonstrate their understandings of a text or concepts through writing. Additionally, I believe that offering prompts and providing students with daily writing sessions allows students to polish up on their writing skills. Through their discussions, readings, and writings, teachers can monitor students and give them immediate feedback during these sessions. In return, this feedback can assist in further developing student...

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...eir minds and body.)

Similar to health education, educating students on the important skills and concepts disciplines students how to maintain a physically healthy lifestyle. It is essential for students to enact in physical activities(e.g running, jumping rope, etc.) at least 45 minutes each day. Those activities help to polish up students’ physical development and also educates students on the movements that they can control to manage their bodies. Those activities include:swimming, cardio, tennis, basketball, weight training, and more. With this education and practice of physcical education activities, students can simply perfrom the skills and concepts taught when prompted by students. This allows for teachers to see a demonstration of the students’ knowledge and how well the students can perform the activities that will aid in maintaining a healthy body.

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