Essay on Application Of Steganography And Covert Communication

Essay on Application Of Steganography And Covert Communication

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Task 1
When open the hexa workshop image looks like this

This was the Byte Flip Option image

This was the Inverse bits option image

This was the image for Shift left

This was the image for Shift right

This was the image for Rotate left

This was the image for Rotate right

This was the image for Block shift left

This was the image for Block shift right

This was the image for Inverse bits
This was the image for Shift right

Finally we arrange the scrambled bits into an order.

Task -2

When the stools software is open the screen is shows like below

When the image is insert into software from resource

After insert the image enter username and password then click ok

it executes

when it saves the following screen is shows

Finall output is
Steganography is the art of covered or hidden writing. The purpose of steganography is covert communication-to hide the existence of a message from a third party. This paper is intended as a high-level technical introduction to steganography for those unfamiliar with the field. It is directed at forensic computer examiners who need a practical understanding of steganography without delving into the mathematics, although references are provided to some of the ongoing research for the person who needs or wants additional detail. Although this paper provides a historical context for steganography, the emphasis is on digital applications, focusing on hiding information in online image or audio files. Examples of software tools that employ steganography to hide data inside of other files as well as software to detect such hidden files will als...

... middle of paper ... of data of about several customers of bank from the laptop of his friend through a thumb drive. After getting the data from the thumb drive they had used over more than 4500 credit cards for the past 32 months to made financial transactions. Tevar has been brought to Delhi on transmit remand and currently he was in police custody for eight days. Presently, they are searching for Tevar 's friend who had the details of the customers of ICICI bank in his laptop.
Tevar had been involved in more than four criminal cases including a case of murder. For that reason he had spent more than 14 months in jail later he was acquitted in all those four cases.

NDTV. (July 14, 2013). Delhi: Man arrested for credit card fraud worth crores. Retrieved May 19, 2015, from

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