The Application Of Radiologic Technologist Essay

The Application Of Radiologic Technologist Essay

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After visiting an X-ray department to get simple x-rays done of an extremity, a lot of individuals think that the person taking the x-ray’s are classified as button pushers. Some people believe taking x-rays is as simple as taking a picture. Would you like to know what radiologic technologist do besides taking simple pictures? Radiologic Technologist performs simple x-rays, helpful in assisting in surgery procedures, and uses fluoroscopy exams for difficult procedures.
Today I will inform you on some of the different aspects that radiologic technologist are utilized for. Telling you the basic and most performed exams done by a technologist are the simple x-rays, the technologist role in surgery procedures, and what exams are performed in the department using fluoroscopy. The exams that Radiologic Technologist is known for are basic x-ray images.
Basic x-rays are done if there is chronic pain or an injury to an area. These images that are produce can provide valuable information for the Radiologist in order to diagnose certain pathology. X-rays can be helpful is someone has chronic pain in their hands or feet. X-rays can show certain pathology’s like arthritis or pneumonia for chest x-rays. For injury purposes, the three main views that a Radiologic Technologist do for every body part is an Anteroposterior, Oblique, and a lateral projection.
The Anteroposterior (AP) view is the first image that a Technologist gets. This view is named after the way the x-ray electron beam or light enters the body. Someone is considered to be in the anatomical position when the person is standing and there palms are facing out. The front of the body is considered the anterior side and the back of the body is the posterior side. There for the beam ...

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...s any acid reflex disease. A Small bowel series is performed the same ways as the UGI but the radiologist watches the barium goes through the large intestines and to the colon. As a Technologist it is there job is to get all the supplies and patient ready for the exam. They also assist the radiologist with anything that they need.
Radiologic Technologist not only provides the x-rays that everyone is used to but they are also helpful in surgery and performs exams under fluoroscopy.
Today I have informed you on the three common projections used for basic x-rays, what surgery procedures Technologist are utilized for and a few of the Fluoroscopy exams technologist are also performing. So hopefully the next time when you think about the individuals that are taking your x-rays as button pushers, realize that their responsibilities are much greater than pushing a button.

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