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Application Of Middle Range Theory Essay

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Application of Middle-Range Theory to the Practice Problem of Nursing Shortage.
Nursing theories developed by scientists provide a framework for the process of establishing nursing as a profession with a specific body of knowledge including nursing language, and nurse is able to communicate inside in and outside of the profession. Theory supports and defines nursing practice and is used in practice situation to provide solution to the problem, provides guidelines in patient’s quality care, and helps to resolve nursing challenges. The benefits of middle-range theories found primarily in the research studies to address particular client population, in education, patient care, and leadership of nursing practice. Theories create a scope to advance and define nursing care, direct nursing as a practice, and provide framework for clinical decisions. Middle-range theories aim to guide nursing practice, and Jean Watson’s theory of human caring used to evaluate theory application and effects on the nursing shortage problem (McEwen, M. & Willis, E. M., 2011). American Nurses Association (ANA) identified a nursing shortage, as a main ongoing problem for the past decade affecting patient’s care and nursing practice. Current reforms in healthcare promised an access to healthcare system; therefore, more nurses needed in workforce to meet the needs. These factors will create a critical shortage for nurses in combination with an anticipation of strengthening the economy (ANA, 2015).
Middle-Range Theory and Application to Nursing Shortage.
Nursing profession is based on service to others, and is focused on creating caring and healing environment to assist pat...

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...ledge and skills, and the theory gives a professional identity for nursing practice. Watson’s caring theory provides guidelines in transformational nursing practice, and stimulates nursing when profession experiencing shortages, decline, crisis in care, safety and healthcare reform. Nurse staffing issue creates potential challenge for nursing profession; therefore, nursing leadership should be involved, and actively participate to resolve it (Peterson, S, J. & Bredow, T. S., 2013).
In conclusion, Jean Watson’s theory of caring, a middle-range theory, provides essential framework and guidelines in nursing shortage problem. Nurses who exposed to caring theory have moral and ethical obligations to care for others during challenging situations. Patients, families and other professionals depend on nursing profession, their expertise and knowledge for best patient outcome.

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