Application Of Microsoft Excel 2013 Essay

Application Of Microsoft Excel 2013 Essay

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Microsoft Excel 2013 (Ms Excel 2013) is a spreadsheet application advanced by Microsoft as part of Ms Office suit software whose stable system release was on September 8th, 2015. The application incorporates numerous new features ranging from calculation tools, graphing tools, pivot tables among other productive, collaborative and security features all for performance improvements.
Basically, the Excel 2013 has its improvements from previous versions due to its ability of highlighting the expedient and relevant features for the common users. Exploring the various features in Ms Excel 2013 would require categorizing its functionality in terms of productivity, collaboration and the security features.
Microsoft Excel 2013 Features on productivity.
Ms Excel 2013 as a number of features with respect to productivity. They comprise;
I. Availability of Flash Fill features.
Usually, the feature antedates formatting and data requirements through a process of recognizing patterns thus finishing whatever the user started. For example, once the user transposes record 's name value into last name, first name order, the Flash Fill recognizes the pattern and suggests possible entries to complete the column when the user does the same for the second record. In this case, Flash Fill displays the list giving the user two choices:
 Press Enter - complete list
 Press [Esc] - remove it.
The figure below demonstrates how the feature works;

II. Recommended Charts;
Mostly, many users do not know the suitable chart type for their data and hence Recommended Charts (from Insert tab) takes the speculation out of the process and lets the user to pick from a variety of charts that are right for the data. On clicking a chart, the use...

... middle of paper ...

...ered useless
Microsoft Excel 2013 has greatly improved the user experience by focusing on flash-filling, quick-analyzing and intelligent charts. User data is now, in a better position to convince and convey meaning to the relevant avenues both offline and online. Raw data can now be converted using recommended data analysis and organization tools, effectively. Although there has been a number of positive features introduced, the application also had its negatives especially on the expectations with respects to these excellent features. For example, there are no new shortcuts introduced similar to those provided by our free Excel add-in, which would otherwise update later in the year to ensure compatibility with Excel 2013. More so, the formatting style has had no improvement making it so cumbersome in formatting cells as it were in Excel 2007 and even 2003.

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