Application of Generalist Model Essay

Application of Generalist Model Essay

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The Abdalla Family is under a lot of stress due to some major changes in the family. The wife is the sole provider while the oldest son has become the caretaker. Everyone in the family is affected by this change including the youngest child Halfiya. Her negative behavior has been reflecting in school and at home. Her behavior goes unnoticed while she is at home but the school begins to notice and notifies parents.
Halfiya is “viewed as active agents in interlocking systems from family and school to government as it is reflected in social and economic policies” (Schriver, 2004). Halfiya is going through a great deal of emotions. She has a lot of anger within her because of her families dynamic. She is witnessing abuse in her home which is affecting her socially and emotionally. This could lead to her not being able to make friends and she may begin to withdraw from school because she can not socialize with her peers. This type of behavior can lead to bullying and being teased by other classmates. Halfiya could also be suffering from the impact of poverty because of one parent working in the home. Poverty affects children by limiting the amounts they could eat at home. Therefore, they must try to gain all of their nutrients at school by eating as much as possible. This abuse and oppression could follow Halfiya as an adult and the cycle could begin all over again while trying to establish her own family.
Halfiya is also an immigrant from Ethiopia and according to Schriver, “when children are both poor and minority group members, the negative and long term impacts of poverty increases significantly” (Schriver, 2004). Halfiya is in her beginning stages of oppression. She is witnessing physical abuse at an early age from her paren...

... middle of paper ... by paying a visit to the home. I will orientate the parents about my visit before I schedule an appointment. I would also inform them a second time upon my arrival. As a social worker, it is important to let the clients know that they are in charge and they have rights a client. I must also inform them of their rights for consent. This would help work with the family because I would feel more relaxed by informing them about their rights. I will then begin to build a strong, trustworthy and empowering relationship. My goal would also be to get Rabiya to open up and discuss the abuse she is enduring. In doing so, I could help her seek help or resources that could assist her. In many cultures, most women do not believe in leaving their husband even if they are being abused. Therefore, I must get to know each family member and I must learn the family dynamics.

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