Application Of Forms Of Communication And Interpersonal Skills Essay

Application Of Forms Of Communication And Interpersonal Skills Essay

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Application of forms of communication and interpersonal skills
Communication is an essential process in an organization. Through this class, I have come to understand what is communication, the process of communicating, its significance in an organization and the different modern channels that an organization can employ to communicate to its clients. I have known that communication is the process of transfer of information from a sender to a receiver through a medium (Kinicki & Fugate 296). Through this class, I have also understood that communication can either be formal or informal. Additionally, communication can either be horizontal or vertical. Horizontal communication entails the transfer of information among people or entities on the same level such as people with the same rank and level in an organization. Vertical communication is the communication that that entails the transfer of information between people of different ranks and levels (Kinicki & Fugate 297).
In this regard, I will employ the vertical communication in communicating with my seniors and supervisors. This will help strengthen the ties between my seniors and me and may be used to enhance anticipation and relieving stress. I will also employ the vertical communication to provide feedback to my supervisors (Kinicki & Fugate 297). This could be through the small departmental meetings, employee surveys, town hall meetings and suggestion boxes. It is through this that I can relay my needs to the senior managers.
Through this class, I learned that the communication process involves five elements. These are the sender, the message, the medium, the receiver and the feedback. According to Kinicki & Fugate (298), for communication to be effective, the sender has to...

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...ender. For instance, if the sender says that he or she is tired, then I ought to be empathetic.
Additionally, with the changing business environment, it is significant for an organization to adopt digital communication channels to communicate (Kinicki & Fugate 311-2). In this regard, it is imperative for an organization to lay emphasis on social media as a channel of relaying messages to the young and vibrant clients (Kinicki & Fugate 319). Because of the emphasis placed on social media by the book, I will promote the use of social media within the organization as a way of communicating to the social media users, who could be potential clients. Just like any other traditional medium of communication, social media can reach a wide audience at the same time. Additionally, I will sensitize the rest of the staff members to use social media as a communication medium.

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