Application Of Erp And E Commerce Essay

Application Of Erp And E Commerce Essay

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With the advancement in technology, new concepts are introduced which includes ERP, E-commerce and ICT. ERP is enterprise resource planning which is actually business management software that is used to collect and manage data for interpretation. E commerce is electronic trading using internet. ICT is information and communications technology comprises of hardware and technology. In this report an organization is being selected named as Commonwealth bank which is one of the famous banks of Australia who has implemented ERP and e-commerce systems with ICT to provide benefit to their customers and stakeholders.
In this report implementation of ERP and E-commerce and its integration with ICT is shown with a practical example of an austrlian bank – Commonwealth bank. The report is further divided into 4 sections. Section I is the Introduction to Enterprise – Commonwealth Bank Australia (CBA); Section II is Integration of ERP & E-Commerce with ICT; Section III is Issues Arise While Implementation of ERP or E-Commerce; and Section IV is Advantages of Implementing ERP & E-Commerce followed by conclusion.
Section I is all about Commonwealth Bank starting with its introduction, products and services, market place, competitors and organization structure. Section II shows how ICT is integrated with ERP and E-commerce and its implementation is CBA. Section III highlights few possible issues that may arise while its implementation followed by Section IV shows the advantages this implementation brings. In the end conclusion is presented.
Commonwealth bank is related to industry providing banking and integrated financial servi...

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...customers and stakeholders by better facilitation and increased business which shows that the implementation is proof to be beneficial for all. This successful implementation and increased business indicates that every bank should revolution their tradition manual system with this new one to enhance their business.

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