Application Of Core Self Evaluations And The Personality Job Fit Theory Essay

Application Of Core Self Evaluations And The Personality Job Fit Theory Essay

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This thread will discuss and analyze the business problem of job dissatisfaction through the application of Core Self-Evaluations and the personality-job fit theory. This work will also offer a spiritual and biblical examination of job dissatisfaction as they relate to the biblical principle of Covenant. Two key elements of Covenant, hesed and mutual accountability will also be examined.
Job Dissatisfaction
The problem of job dissatisfaction is a global workplace issue. Although Americans are happier in their jobs, satisfaction in the United States is declining due to downsizing and overburdening. (Robbins & Judge, 2009). Before outlining job dissatisfaction a definition of job satisfaction is needed. Job satisfaction is “[an] individuals’ cognitive…and evaluative reactions to [the] job…itself, managers, pay, promotion[s], and co-workers” (Janićijević, Kovačević, & Petrović, 2015). Thus, job dissatisfaction could stem from a negative feeling or attitude towards any combination of the previously listed workplace factors (Janićijević, Kovačević, & Petrović, 2015). Many examples of job dissatisfaction stem from dissatisfaction with promotion opportunities and beliefs about company fairness; however, not all forms of job dissatisfaction arise from work conditions (Robbins & Judge, 2009).
Role of Core Self-Evaluation and Job Satisfaction
According to Robbins and Judge (2009), core self-evaluation plays a vital role in job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Core self-evaluation is an individual’s belief “in their inner worth and basic competence” (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p. 86). Positive core self-evaluation employees, who appreciate their inner worth and competence, are more likely to derive satisfaction from their work. While employ...

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... increase the job satisfaction of their workforce by placing employees into job opportunities which matched the employee’s personality. If Holland’s theory is correct and the employees are honest on the Vocational Preference Inventory examination then the theory could be an effective tool for decreasing job dissatisfaction.
Within this work, I have examined the issue of job dissatisfaction. The concepts of Core Self-Evaluations and the personality-job fit theory were applied to the discussion and recommendations to enhance job satisfaction were analyzed. A spiritual and practical investigation of Covenant, hesed and mutual accountability, and their importance in achieving job satisfaction were proven. Through this study, I hope managers will take advantage of new tools and methods by which they can increase job satisfaction and create a exciting, joyful workplace.

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