The Application Of Computer Technology Essay

The Application Of Computer Technology Essay

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The Application of Computer Technology in Education
During the last ten years, the constructive development of computer technology has brought tremendous positive impacts on many aspects of our life, including but not limited to business, communication and governance. There is no doubt at all that we have come to the age of digitization from the beginning of the 21st century since more than 99% of information now is stored in the digital form. Since then, our ways of receiving information and interpreting it has changed; when we come up with a question, instead of going through a textbook, we go online and search for answers. This transition has revolutionized education by alternating its nature; education is no longer confined to any higher education institution nor any geographical location; education can take place everywhere at any time. As far as I am concerned, e-learning will become the future of education thanks to the advancement of information technologies. In 2014, it was estimated that nearly half of the college students in the United States were taking, at least, one online class, and this number will likely double up by the year of 2015. (Ref.) What’s more, E-education is an ongoing trend not only in American society but also in many other communities across the globe; it not only provide the instructors more ways than ever to engage their students, but also to connect the students, especially those who are underprivileged, to broader learning communities. In this way, online education could be used as an efficient means to bridge the educational gap between the people from developed and developing countries and help the people to reach the ultimate educational goals with more instrumental freedoms.
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...pon release...”. (Ref.) The local government introduced this move to end a social problem, and yet, it can have more positive feedbacks than the government could assumed. Online education can be used as an extricable approach to stimulate the social upward mobility; people who received online education are able to contribute to the economically productive activities, which can boost both their personal and national incomes. What 's more, this act should expand to more population who lived in developing countries, especially to children, to improve their levels of education. This case study of Latin American prisoners elucidates an idea that online education can be used as a strong force to end the inequalities between the people from developed and developing countries since education has a positive correlation with economic facilities as well as social opportunities.

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