Application Of An Electronic Medical Record Essay

Application Of An Electronic Medical Record Essay

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Selecting the suitable product for the implementation of an electronic medical record is one of the most complex tasks of the implementation process. As research indicates, the first step in the selection process is to perform a needs assessment that is the requirement assessment for the Hospital and the Clinics. The assessment will clearly define what kind product or service is required and best fit the settings. As there are many products in the market and most EMR vendors now include an integrated system that incorporates with billing and creates interface with the practice management system, it is important to keep the requirements handy before searching for a suitable product and reaching out the vendors those meet the organizational criteria (Ginsberg, 2004).
A report from Orem, Utah-based research firm indicates that, Epic and Cerner have the strong integration options that best work for a 200-plus-bed EMR market. For the CLC General Hospital, Cerner’s PowerChart will be the best option to choose as it provides an integrated platform with very stable, meaningful functionality for the clinicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. The performance and the market share success have been very high for Cerner with large volume of satisfied clinical users (Perna, 2012).
Cerner’s PowerChart Electronic Medical Record
Company Name: Cerner Corporation
Product: Cerner’s PowerChart Electronic Medical Record
Specialty Specification: Present
Practice Management Capabilities/Interface: Yes
Equipment Interface: Yes, interfaced with major vendors and proprietary systems.
Desktop/Online: Desktop, Online, and Mobile (Android, Ios).
Product Details
Cerner Corporation is a supplier of healthcare information technology (HCIT) solution. ...

... middle of paper ...

... as 10:00am and 10:00pm for 12 hours medication prescription. It does not select a specific time frame, which can lead to medication errors. In addition to this, it does not support customize forms and pages for reports.
Cerner’s PowerChart is certified as a “Complete EHR on October 28th, 2010 by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology (CCHIT). PowerChart is compliant with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) standards and the privacy and security requirements by solution (Cerner, 2014).
PowerChart ECG
PowerChart ECG is another solution that is commonly used by the physicians, which provides cardiologist a comprehensive set of benefits like ability to capture, manage and display reports of ECGs anywhere within the PowerChart and other affiliated solutions such as PathNet and RedNet (Cerner, 2014).

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