Application Of Adaptive And Assistive Technologies Essay

Application Of Adaptive And Assistive Technologies Essay

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As a candidate in the in the Instructional Technology program, I have engaged in a variety of field experiences that demonstrate my ability to synthesize and apply the content and professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions identified in the standards. For this reflection, I will reflect on my ability to facilitate the use of adaptive and assistive technologies to support the individual student learning needs of a 5th-grade student diagnosed with ADHD. In this field experience, I utilized digital tools to aid the student in fostering critical thinking and organizational skills by introducing the student to the digital apps Super Notes and myHomework and the interactive website, ReadWriteThink.
V. is a 5th grader who attends a small private school. Three years ago, he was diagnosed with ADHD. According to his parents, V. is B/C student. He often acts out in class due to impulsiveness. To help him keep track of his assignments, he has been assigned a planner. However, V. sometimes forgets to write down his assignments.
Doing homework is frustrating for V. and his parents. Like any 5th grader, V. rather play video games than do homework for two hours. His parents state that while completing his homework, he has a hard time getting his thoughts together. They would like to find a tool that would aid him becoming more physically and mentally organized. After speaking with V.’s parents, I decided to research some strategies that would aid students who are ADD/ADHD.
Through my research, I was able to uncover a variety of digital tools that aid ADD/ADHD individuals with keeping track of assignments, making list, taking notes, and timing task. I also discovered visual aids that help students organizing their thoughts...

... middle of paper ...

...nts with ADD/ADHD to use interactive visuals to organize notes into ideas. If I could change this artifact, I would include additional hours in which I collaborated with V.’s teacher. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time and the distance, I was unable to collaborate with her. I am interested in knowing how these digital tools played a role in the classroom.
This field experience will impact student learning because it will allow teachers to rethink how they educate students with ADD or ADHD. Instead of viewing the student as someone incapable of learning, teachers will see the potential in these students. When teachers implement digital tools that assist ADD/ADHD students with learning, they give them tools that help them succeed. To assess the impact of this field experience, teachers can use observation, assessment data, and interviews with the students.

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