Application Of A User Fingerprint Data Essay example

Application Of A User Fingerprint Data Essay example

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A user 's fingerprint data never leaves their device and is not backed up to your computer, a personal cloud such as Network Attached Storage, or any of their other devices. A user 's fingerprint data is also not shared with Google or backed up to Google 's servers. A user 's fingerprint data is not shared with any of the applications that they choose to install. Applications on the device must not be able to obtain access to fingerprint data or the hardware used for Nexus Imprint data generation. In an effort to make signing in to these applications easy, Google has mandated that applications are only notified whether A user 's fingerprint was verified or not.
As far as Apple devices running iOS are concerned, Apple has their own methods of encryption suitable for bring your own device programs, as detailed in their security documentation. In addition to the hardware encryption features built into iOS devices, Apple uses a technology called “Data Protection” to further protect data stored in flash memory on the device. Apple’s “Data Protection” allows the device to respond to common events such as incoming phone calls, but also enables a high level of encryption for a user’s data. Key system apps, such as the Messages app, Mail client, Calendar, Contacts, Photos, and Health data values use “Data Protection” by default, and third-party apps installed on iOS receive this protection automatically. “Data Protection” is implemented by constructing and managing a hierarchy of keys, and builds on the hardware encryption technologies built into each device running iOS. The multiple layers of security built in make it much more difficult for an unauthorized individual to access data on the device. Apple’s “Data Protection” is controlled o...

... middle of paper ... or administrator issuing a remote wipe command from a mobile device management (MDM) server, Exchange ActiveSync, or Apple’s cloud based storage/account manager iCloud). Erasing the key in this manner renders all files cryptographically inaccessible, ultimately making for a more secure system.
These devices are slowly replacing the traditional laptop as the go to device for users in a corporate environment when answering emails from management, team members, and clients. Maintaining their security should be the top priority for users, management, and the company’s IT department. Encryption is a powerful tool and very useful in maintaining the company’s data on a user’s personal device. BYOD has benefits and detractions that you need to weigh when considering implementing it in a corporate environment, however done properly the benefits can far outweigh the costs.

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