Application Of A Tuition Assistance Program Essay

Application Of A Tuition Assistance Program Essay

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The company I work for provides growth in many areas through positive leadership, open communication and employee recognition. However, it lacks in providing options for its employees to grow through continued education. It is the objective of this paper to address the key areas of the change process by which my company could institute a tuition assistance program. I will outline the current state, future state, action plan, benefits, concerns and implementation of a tuition assistance program within my organization, in an effort to provide a clear and useful execution proposal.
Current State
In my organizations current state, there are no tuition assistance options for employees to continue their education. At this time, there has never been a plan presented to top management that outlines the benefit and need for a tuition assistance program; this creates an urgency to move forward with a proposal and present upper management with the opportunity to take action. Although my coworkers often discuss their desire to continue their education, along with their assurance that further education would assist them within the organization, there has been no discussion to seek the assistance of the organization to help offset the high cost of tuition. There is a significant need for our organization to use the tuition assistance program to its advantage in order to increase productivity, morale and employee growth.
With any change idea, there are hesitations. Although, there is a present want from employees to seek further education, many employees have not attended school for some time. This time gap generates concerns about how to enroll, if classes and homework will create time constraints and how to best choose...

... middle of paper ...

...romotional responsibilities. This program will hopefully allow our organization to hire “better quality, more educated and more productive employees” (Francis, 2014) while retaining the current employees that have the ability to be future leaders with the right guidance and educational background.
First Step
It comes down to the decision to take action; this is always the first step in any change plan. This proposal serves as a framework to take the first step and put action into motion. Supportive members within top management will have to work together to finalize a proposal that can be sent to the CEO for review and approval. Each area of this proposal should be expanded to answer all questions and concerns presented by upper management leadership, with the purpose to serve as a basis for why our organization should take advantage of a tuition assistance program.

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