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Application Of A Teaching Philosophy Essays

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To me, a teaching philosophy can be simplified to four R’s, reading, reflection, relationships and rapport. Reading informs your practise and keeps you current with what other teachers are doing, due to teaching being a collaborative process. Reflection is how you grow your practise, you learn and implement new ideas to continually adapt to the rigours of an ever changing profession. Relationships are about fostering and developing strong educational bonds with students and their families that way they are more likely to open up to your teaching (Macfarlane, 2004). Rapport is the way you conduct yourself with students if you are open to them and respect their learning, prior knowledge and where the come from then the educational process will be a very easy one (University of Canterbury College of Education, 2011). Because teaching is a complex occupation, simplification is a good way to keep the focus on the small aspects and create learning programmes that focus on all students.
To be able to deliver simple yet thorough learning programmes preparation is crucial. Muhhamed Ali personifies this in the following quote. “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses, behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on road, long before I dance under those lights”. I think this is a great metaphor for teaching, the hard work in the gym is a metaphor for planning to prepare for the bright lights of the classroom caucus that is our students. All of the work is done before you step onto stage.
Everybody in any job has certain criteria that they have to fill to do their job, it’s just what everybody does. However in the experience that I have developed this year, it is the little things that make all the difference to students. When you...

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...s that it is all about developing strong relationships with the student and providing an opportunity for that student to show their prior knowledge, especially knowledge that is important to them (Macfarlane, 2004).
I have learnt throughout this year that my physical sphere of influence in teaching is small, yet the impact I can have on those people in my proximity is large (Ball, 2003).
The take home question which I pounder and will continue to ponder throughout my teaching experience is; do you spend your limited time as a teacher focusing on what students are struggling with, with the endeavour to make students more well-rounded or; do you refine, polish, and hone in on one specific attribute that that student is very proficient and interested in and make them the best they can be at that attribute.
Some things that are small for people, make other people big.

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